The Greek team, consisted of the Branch Chief and Country Representative Konstantinos Neanidis Sensei and the athlete Elsa Sofianidou of Hellas Kyokushin Tezuka Kai, visited and trained with the national Belgian team of Kyokushinkai Karate Organization Tezuka group in Charleroi, Brussels Belgium (5-6 October 2019).

During this long and highly educative training, the main subjects of Kyokushinkai  Karate that were thoroughly developed, were Kata, Kihon no Kata and Kumite no Kata.

The level of the Belgian trainers was extraordinary and the educational process was constructive!

Many thanks from the Greek team of Hellas Kyokushin Tezuka Kai to our Belgian friends of the Belgian Kyokushinkai Karate Organization Tezuka group for the warm hospitality and the high leveled teaching! Ossu!