Sensei Konstantinos Neanidis

In 2006, Tezuka Kyokushinkai karate appeared in Greece, when Kaicho Toru Tezuka appointed Sensei Konstantinos Neanidis as the Group’s representative, appreciating his morals, his integrity and his technical knowledge.
Curriculum Vitae

Greece’s representative sensei Konstantinos Neanidis set out on martial arts in 1982. Initially, he got involved with the martial art of Taekwondo. In 1995, he got in touch with Kyokushinkai Karate, after having possessed his 2ο DAN in Taekwondo. Since then, he continuously practices the art of Kyokushinkai.
He owns the following ranks in martial arts:

Yondan ( 4 DAN) Kyokushinkai Karate (IKO TEZUKA)
Sandan (3 DAN) Judo Sandan
Shodan (1 DAN) Daido Juku/ Kudo
6 DAN Taekwondo ITF
3 DAN Taekwondo WT
Official Taekwondo trainer – Hellenic Ministry of Sports
Official Kick Boxing Trainer – Panhellenic Association of Kick Boxing

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